Approval Wizard

This is to inform all the entities willing to set up their establishment and/or operation in Uttarakhand that a comprehensive list of approvals they may require for setting up and starting a business in Uttarakhand. Please answer the below questions to get required State approvals for setting up & Starting of a business as per specific details of your Business.

Q1. Are you in possession of land on which you plan to set-up and start business operations?
Q2. What is the nature of ownership of land for the proposed project / business?
Q3. What type of land do you require?
Q4. What is your organization's proposed incorporation type?
Q5. Please select 'Type of Industry' (select the most possible option, if you do not find exact category or most possible option not found than select 'Other') (Click here to know your 'Type of Industry' )
Q6. Does your business lead to?
Q7. Will you be employing?
Q8. Do you require Electricity Connection/ DG set Installation?
Q9. Does your building/ building complex falls under
Q10. Do you project requires Water ?
Q11. Does your project/ business involve/ need?
Q12. Does your business involves/ requires ?
Q13. Does your business requires?
Q14. Is your business related to?
Q15. Please select the type of activity applicable to you
Q16. Does your business activities are related to
Q17. Does your business involve in Excise Activities?
Q18. Does your business involve in mining activities?
Q19. Does your business involve in setting up?
Q20. Does your business/ establishment requires following