Approval Wizard

  • This is to inform all the entities willing to set up their establishment and/or operation in Uttarakhand that a comprehensive list of approvals they may require for setting up and starting a business in Uttarakhand. Please answer the below questions to get required State approvals for setting up & Starting of a business as per specific details of your Business...

Investor Lifecycle

Q1 Are you in possession of land on which you plan to set-up and start business operations?
Q2 What is the nature of ownership of land for the proposed project / business?
     Own Land Outside Notified Industrial Estate
     Own Land inside Notified Industrial Estate
     Mini Industrial Estate & Industrial Area (of DIC)
     Purchase of Private Land (Other than Industrial Area)
     Private Land on Rent / Lease
     Land of Government Departments
     SIIDCUL Area Land/ Lease
     Existing Built Up Space
     None of the Above
Q3 What type of land do you require?
     SIIDCUL Area Land/ Lease
     Mini Industrial Estate & Industrial Area (of DIC)
     Land of Government Departments
     Purchase of Private Land (Other than Industrial Area)
     None of the Above
Q4 What is your organization's proposed incorporation type?
     Deed Registration
     Firm Registration
     Society Registration
     Cooperative Society Registration
     None of the Above
Q5 Please select 'Type of Industry' (select the most possible option, if you do not find exact category or most possible option not found than select 'Other') (Click here to know your 'Type of Industry' )
     White & Others
Q6 Does your business lead to?
     Generation of e-Waste
     Generation of Hazardous Waste
     Manufacturer or Refurbisher / Dismantler or Recycler
     None of the Above
Q7 Will you be employing?
     10 or more building and construction workers
     Your establishment (including factories) be employing 20 or more Contract Labourers
     Do you (if you are a contractor) propose to employ 20 or more Contract Labourers?
     Your establishment (any entity) be employing 10 or more migrant workmen
     2 or more motor transport workers
     Shop/ Establishment (factories not applicable) employ 10 or more workers
     5 or more interstate workmen
     Constructing/ relocating/ reconstructing/ extending any building as factory employing 10 or more workers with the aid of power or 20 or more workers without the aid of power
     Constructing/ relocating/ reconstructing/ extending any building as factory employing less than 10 workers with the aid of power or less than 20 workers without the aid of power
Q8 Do you require Electricity Connection/ DG set Installation?
     HT power connection?
     LT power connection?
     Load enhancement on an existing power connection?
     DG Set Installation
     None of the Above
Q9 Does your building/ building complex falls under
     Whether Building or Building complex’s Connected load of 50 kW or greater
     Whether Building or Building complex’s Contract demand of 60 kVA or greater?
     Whether Plot area of the building is more than 500 m2 with minimum 500 m2 as built-up area (excluding basement)?
     None of the Above
Q10 Do you project requires Water ?
     Water Connection from Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan
     Water Connection from SIIDCUL (in case of SIIDCUL Area)
     Surface Water from natural river/ streams/ tube wells/ canals/ lift scheme
     None of the Above
Q11 Does your project/ business involve/ need?
     Construction of building (Non-Factory)
     Construction of building (Factory)
     Installation of Mobile Tower
     Laying or Grounding of Optical Fiber Cable
     None of the Above
Q12 Does your business involves/ requires ?
     Use of a Boiler?
     Manufacturing of Boilers?
     Use of Boiler erector for business purposes?
     Hazardous Processes?
     None of the Above
Q13 Does your business requires?
     Packaging of Commodities
     Manufacturer of Weights & Measures
     Dealers of Weights & Measures
     Repairers of Weights & Measures
     Use of Weights and Measures
     None of the Above
Q14 Is your business related to?
     Manufacturing of Mixture/ Special Mixture Fertilizers
     Manufacturing of Notified Product Fertilizers
     Letter of Authorisation for Fertilizer
     Sell/ Storage of Fertilizers (Retail/ Wholesale)
     Manufacturing of Pesticide
     Sell/Stock of Pesticide
     Pest Control Operation
     Selling and storing seeds?
     None of the Above
Q15 Please select the type of activity applicable to you
     Repacking of drugs for distribution
     Sell, Stock or exhibit for sale of retail, drugs
     Sell, Stock or exhibit for sale of wholesale, drugs
     "Govt. Hospital/ Municipal Hospital/ Public Hospital/ Private Hospital/ Private Nursing Home/ Private Clinic/ Private Laboratory or any other to be stated"
     Drug Manufacturing
     None of the Above
Q16 Does your business activities are related to
     Cable television network
     DTH broadcasting service
     Film/ Movie Shooting
     None of the Above
Q17 Does your business involve in Excise Activities?
     Distillery Manufacturing
     Bottling Plant
     Brewery Manufacturing
     Vintnery Manufacturing
     Bonded Warehouse
     Wholesaler IMFL
     Wholesaler Beer
     Wholesaler Imported Beer
     Wholesaler CSD/Paramilitary
     Restaurant Bar/ Hotel, Mall/ Departmental Store
     Occasional Bar/ One Day Bar
     Register the Liquor Brand
     Register the Label on Liquor Bottle
     None of the Above
Q18 Does your business involve in mining activities?
     Stone Crusher, Screening Plant, Storage , Crusher, Mobile Stone Crusher, Mobile Screening Plant, Pulveriser Plant, Hot Mix Plant, Ready Mix Plant
     Storage of Construction Materials
     Soil Excavation and Filling
     Mining Lease
     Mining Plan and Issuance of Mining Lease
     None of the Above
Q19 Does your business involve in setting up?
     Setting up CBSE/ICSE School
     Setting up a Hostel
     Registration under Right to Education
     Setting up and operating Play School
     None of the Above
Q20 Does your business/ establishment requires following
     Tree Cuting/ Felling Permission
     Transportation of Tree(s) after cutting
     Trade License
     Hotel Registration
     Tour & Travel Agency
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