Incentive Calculator


Applicable Incentives       **This is indicative data only and does not gaurantee your eligibility for claiming incentives**
S.No. Scheme MSME Heavy Industrial MIIP MTTP IDS IT EV Tourism Film Biotech Ayush Aroma Park Solar Power Pine Litter Hydro(upto 2MW) Hydro(2-25MW) Hydro(25-100MW)
1 Pre-registration
2 Registration
3 Capital Subsidy
4 Interest Subsidy
5 Concession of Stamp Duty
6 Electricity Bill Reimbursement
7 Reimbursement of Mandi Tax
8 Reimbursement of SGST
9 Reimbursement of Land Registration Fee
10 Subsidy for ETP
11 Payroll Assistance/Employment Generation
12 State Transport Subsidy
13 State Excise Duty
14 Patent
15 Quality Certification
16 Internet Usage Charges
17 Land Cost
18 Electricity duty exemption
19 Land Use Conversion
20 EPF Reimbursement
21 Rebate on Lease/Rental Space
22 EV mobility incentive
23 Skill Development
24 Film Making Charges exemption
25 Research Facilitation
26 Anchor Unit subsidy
27 Marketing Incentives
28 Financial Assistance
29 Royalty Exemption
30 Water Usage Charge Exemption
31 Innovation Funds
32 Mentorship Support
33 Reimbursement of Project Report Cost
34 Reimbursement of Project Report Cost
35 Support for Pre clinical Trials
36 Assistance for Software Procurement
37 Operating Assistance
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