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Welcome to Invest Uttarakhand

A prime destination for investors seeking promising opportunities.

Uttarakhand is going through a major economic makeover, establishing itself as a strong economic centre. The state offers an attractive combination of benefits, including efficient approval processes, affordable land prices, low-cost electricity, a skilled workforce, a safe environment, and its strategic location near the National Capital Region.

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share of secondary sector


Working Age Population


Less Crime than Average


Rank in NITI Aayog's SDG ranking


GSDP Growth Rate

Focus Sectors

Our focus sectors in Uttarakhand are strategically chosen to maximize growth and sustainability. We concentrate on tourism and hospitality, agriculture and agribusiness, renewable energy, and manufacturing industries.


Tourism & Wellness

Agri & Allied




Renewable Energy

Real Estate

Why Invest in Uttarakhand

Investing in Uttarakhand offers a unique opportunity to tap into a region brimming with natural beauty, skilled manpower, and a conducive business environment, creating a recipe for success.

2.5 hours from Delhi NCR

Single Window Portal

Investor Friendly Policies

Peace of doing Business

Economic Power

Industry Ready Skilled Workforce

Spritual Capital of the world

Law and Order

Robust Industrial Infrastructure

Political Stability

Peace of doing Business

2.5 hours from Dehli NCR

Economic Power

Single Window Portal

Industry Ready Skilled Workforce

Investor Friendly Policies

Spritual Capital of the world

Robust Industrial Infrastructure

Media Library

Browse our gallery to discover the visual allure of Uttarakhand's landscapes, its economic vibrancy, and the opportunities that await your investment. Let these images paint a promising picture of our potential.

PM India

PM inaugurates 'Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023'

08 December , 2023

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JSW Neo Energy sign MOU worth Rs 15,000 crore

14th October, 2023

North - East Summit
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Agreements for skiing resorts & cable car

27th September, 2023

North - East Summit
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Massive inflow from 2023 Global Investors Summit

15th September, 2023

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Logo & Website Launch

2nd September, 2023

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