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Welcome to Invest Uttarakhand

The Investment Promotion & Facilitation Centre (IPFC) is a centralized one-stop shop for investors / businesses to interact with Govt. of Uttarakhand for their Investment needs. IPFC provides complete handholding support to investors / business in a structured, focused and comprehensive manner. It is a dedicated agency tasked with the functions of investment promotion, facilitation, direct engagement and consultation with investors/stakeholder View more..

Single Window Clearance System

The Single Window Clearance System Portal is a single window facilitation mechanism for investors. The portal is a medium of information for investors on Government policies, incentive schemes and the availability of infrastructure. It provides manuals to help investors to understand the application process for proposed investment projects. The portal will also facilitate different stakeholder departments to process applications by investors and approve them online. It also aims to build a centralized repository of sector-wise investments in the State and Government policies, and ultimately to deliver to investors a high-quality and responsive service. View more..

Why Invest in Uttarakhand

  • Transparent tax policies and swift approvals for the projects

  • Fractional cost of setting up of operations as compared to NCR or other cities

  • Large number of engineering and management Institutes including IIT & IIM

  • Political stability, good governance and image as a peaceful state

  • Attractive investment policy of State Govt.

  • Availability of suitable industrial land to start business at a cheap rate

  • Good quality of life for employees due to healthy environment

  • Good connectivity by Rail, Road and Air with NCR

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